180 Degrees created this internationally produced feature length film for national theatrical distribution.


Under the Eiffel Tower began as an idea for a romantic comedy from within 180 Degrees. Over the next two years, Erin Roark, Mike Fitzer and Archie Borders scouted domestic and international locations, began casting (and landed Emmy nominated actor Matt Walsh from HBO’s Veep, Michaela Watkins (Casual), Reid Scott (Venom), Gary Cole (Office Space), Judith Godreche (The Overnight), and Dylan Gelula (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) for lead and minor roles. After initial casting, the movie was acquired for production and theatrical distribution by the distributor, The Orchard, (What We do in the Shadows). Pre-production and shooting of the film occurred over a eight month period with Erin Roark and Mike Fitzer producing, and Archie Borders co-writing and directing. The film completed postproduction in mid-2018 and will be released theatrically and on all streaming platforms in February 2019.


All media rights were picked up for theatrical and world wide distribution by The Orchard.

The movie stars Veep Emmy nominee Matt Walsh as a bourbon salesman who is fighting off 50 and unexpectedly proposes to and is rejected by his best friend’s 24-year-old daughter under the Eiffel Tower. The soul-crushing event sparks a wine-fueled “coming of middle age” jaunt across the French countryside, a surprising friendship with a local footballer (Ryan Eggold) and sparks romantic possibilities with a beautiful and independent French woman (Cesar Award winner Judith Godrèche of L’auberge espagnole).

Anthony D'Alessandro -

Deadline Hollywood