6 Tips for Video Marketing & Messaging during the COVID19 Pandemic
May 13, 2020 – Mallory Jennings

It’s been a wild few months, hasn’t it? The COVID19 pandemic has made us rethink the simple things we once took for granted.

If you’re anything like me, you've worn sweatpants every other day. You’ve avoided physical touch from friends and family. And you’ve taken your temperature a few times – a bit neurotically, I’ll admit.

I’ve been hastily waiting for life to get back to normal – for businesses, schools, restaurants, stores to reopen. That day is coming, slowly but surely, but the question remains… Are we ready?

Reopening the economy is only effective if the public feels comfortable leaving their homes and entering into unknown territory. Studies show a majority of Americans do not feel comfortable watching a movie in theaters, sitting down to eat at a restaurant, sending children off to school, attending an event, or even getting care from a local hospital1

This being said, businesses are coming up with creative ways to ensure the safety of their customers (like installing plexi-glass windows in heavily populated areas, sanitizing frequently, requiring all employees to wear facemasks and more). But – do customers know that? 

To help Americans overcome common emotional hurdles – organizations need to educate audiences on their safety precautions and protocols. As a visual medium, video marketing provides a unique opportunity to connect with audiences one-on-one, and communicate key takeaways in a succinct, eye-catching way. In today’s digital world, video marketing can help your organization make-up for lost ground and move ahead while the time is right.

Try on your thinking cap and consider these 6 tips for creating an effective branded video for your organization (from a marketing & messaging standpoint).


1. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience (consumers, clients, patients, or customers). 

After living under social distancing rules for just a few weeks, this way of life has become our “new normal”. People are thinking twice about the simple things we once took for granted (shaking hands, touching door handles, blowing out candles on a birthday cake, signing a receipt with a used pen)2

Practice a little empathy, and put yourself in your audiences’ shoes for a moment. After being told to avoid crowds for quite some time now, imagine how would you feel going back into a store, hospital, or shared space? What do you think these spaces look like now? What would you want to know before walking into a store? What safety precautions put your mind at ease? 

Your video messaging for the time-being should address these points head-on, using a tone that fits your brand and relates to audiences.


2. Cut through the clutter.
As businesses rush to reopen within the next few weeks, there will be an overwhelming surplus of messaging. Organizations are ready to reclaim territory in consumers’ minds (and pockets) – eager to capture the attention of their customers in flashy Times Square, waving their hands in your direction saying “Yoo-hoo, remember me?”.  

Think about how you can cut through the clutter. How can you stand out from the crowd and present your brand in the best way? What can you do differently from your competition? Consider...

  • The “response to COVID19” commercials you’ve seen on TV or social media lately. Which ones do you remember? Which ones stuck out from the crowd (for better or worse)?
  • Your story. What personal touch does your organization have on the industry? How are you different?


3. Consider your measurable goals.
This pandemic has halted and altered many business goals. As the economy reopens, identify the single, most important goal of your organization. Are you looking to boost awareness of your product or service by X%? Increase sales by X%? Acquire X number of new customers? Pick one and move forward. Your video should reinforce this single goal, conveying the most important takeaway clearly and concisely.


4. Pinpoint your marketing media,
Effective marketing meets audiences where they are, when they are interested – so selecting media for your video is very important. Consider the most effective medium for re-establishing a personal relationship with your clients, patients, consumers, or customers. Given the current climate of COVID19, Americans are surfing the internet now more than ever before3. So, maybe organic social media would be an effective avenue for your video message? Or, maybe broadcast TV will reach your audience in the best way. Either way, review your options and select one that works best for you, and make sure your branded video is tailored to the niche.


5. Stay one step ahead.
While most of us don’t have a crystal ball or a fortune teller to reveal our future on a silver platter, it’s likely COVID19 will return in fall 2020. 

Use this time to think about how your organization will function if COVID19 comes back, in full-swing. What would you want your customers to know? How can you effectively communicate these points to continue meeting that singular, most important business goal?

Collect a variety of video footage for video marketing (to be used now and in the future). Filming important b-roll, interviews, or vignettes ahead of time will allow you to avoid the hassle of tight timelines and budgets later on – and will give you peace-of-mind to know you have archived footage that can be recut and reapplied.


6. Get in touch with an experienced film production company to bring your vision to life (ahem, us)! 

Alright, we’ll admit it. We are an experienced film production company ready to bring your vision to life. Coincidence?

Whether you are looking for a video script, or simply need someone to film or edit a video together for you – we are here to help. Our video experts will walk you through each of these steps and more (while social distancing of course), to ensure your branded video(s) exceed your needs and expectations. We have your back!

To inquire about our sweatpant recommendations, learn more about our video marketing tips, or ask for a quote – fill out a form on our website, or shoot us a direct email at info@film180.com.

We hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy at this time. Best wishes,

– Your partners at 180 Degrees Film Productions






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