Since the entire planet is on lockdown during this time, most of us are lucky if we get to go anywhere other than home. While the reasons for our forced “staycation” are more than justified, if you’re anything like me (with an insatiable wanderlust), stir crazy doesn’t even begin to describe what the next few months might feel like. So I thought it might be nice if a few times a week I posted one of my photos from other corners of the globe to help ward off the Corona-blues.  Our bodies may not be able to travel but our minds can go anywhere we like. Enjoy.

March 23, 2020 – Mike Fitzer

The Lempa River weaves like a two-pronged fork from Lake Ilopango. The southern fork runs closest to El Salvador’s capital city of San Salvador. While fairly polluted, it does provide a substantial portion of the region’s electricity and even offers a way to make money for those willing to work its banks.

All along the river there are huts where people sell firewood, coconuts, handmade jewelry, soda and empanadas. The activity along the banks of the river and nearby highway almost never stops.

I caught this man carrying a tapestry of hand-woven fishing nets on his shoulder. It was early morning so I could only assume he was on his way to his boat or that of his employer, eager to pull in a payload of fish. The man behind him was on his way to one of the roadside “stores” with trinkets to sell.

Anyone want to guess what they sign is telling us?