Since the entire planet is on lockdown during this time, most of us are lucky if we get to go anywhere other than home. While the reasons for our forced “staycation” are more than justified, if you’re anything like me (with an insatiable wanderlust), stir crazy doesn’t even begin to describe what the next few months might feel like. So I thought it might be nice if a few times a week I posted one of my photos from other corners of the globe to help ward off the Corona-blues.  Our bodies may not be able to travel but our minds can go anywhere we like. Enjoy.

March 31, 2020 – Mike Fitzer

While sitting in relative isolation it has given me an immense amount of pleasure to comb through these photos, reliving each moment and think about which one I want to share next.

Probably one of my favorite places on Earth is Wales. From steep cliffs along hundreds of miles of rugged shore lines to the mystical, untouched beauty of Snowdonia National Park, nature always feels like it is in full force.  Conversely, I also love the bustling activity of modern cities like Cardiff and Newport and even small towns and villages like Merthyr Tydfil where there is always a friendly face and someone willing to share a drink and a story. I rarely feel more at home than when I’m amongst the Welsh.

On one of my trips to Wales I was walking along the River Taff which winds through the city of Cardiff before emptying into the world famous Cardiff Bay.  It flows through Pontypridd and through to Taff's Well, the site of Wales' only thermal spring.  The river flows underneath the M4 Motorway and the Cardiff suburbs of Radyr, Whitchurch, Llandaff, Pontcanna, the city centre and Grangetown. All along its banks are parks, neighborhoods and people enjoying all the opportunities a vibrant waterway provides for a city.

While walking on a crisp January morning I captured this man standing in his boat along the bank of the Millennial Stadium.

I’d love to know what you think he was doing. If anyone comes up with the correct answer we’ll send you a copy of our movie “Please to Meet Me” on DVD. Shoot us a message.